Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The one with Rachel Greens wardrobe...

It’s not often you look back on TV shows from the past and have positive things to say about the style choices. But after spending hours watching ‘90s sitcom Friends now it’s came back on Netflix, I can’t help but notice that I want to dress like them all. Occasionally even Janice. Although some of the lines from the show, which first aired in 1994, haven’t aged particularly well, there’s one aspect of the show that will always make a comeback – the fashion.

Historically, Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green has been known for her amazing hair but also being nothing if not the most stylish working woman in New York, at least in the 1990’s. From choker necklace’s to distressed denim, we have much to thank this famous character for. It’s safe to say if Friends were still on, Rachel Green would ditch Bloomingdale’s for somewhere like Zara where you can pick up a mix of these trends. Here’s how to (central) perk up your wardrobe, with five tips from the queen herself.

1.     Layering is as big now as it was then. High necks and long-sleeved tops layered under slip dresses was a huge AW17 trend thanks to the ‘90s. Rachel was a pro at putting these pieces together.
2.     Denim, denim, denim. What was the ‘90s if not the glory days of denim? Rachel taught us how to wear it right. Whether it be denim shirts, dungarees or seen here these amazing mom jeans – that have really had a comeback in the last year.
3.     Knee-highs. Rachel Green was the queen of short skirts and tall boots, what the ‘90s were made of. These shoes are all over the high street right now, with plenty of designers stocking their versions too. Style with a turtle neck and mini skirt for pure Rachel Green fashion.
4.  Plaid. Whether it be shirts, trousers or skirts plaid was huge in the ‘90s and it today. Rachel was loving the plaid mini skirts long before Britney. This is one of the more famous Rachel Green Looks with the mini kilt and knee high socks. It’s the famous Clueless look that we’ll never get bored of but sorry Cher Horowitz, Rachel did it first!
5.     This girl famously wore turtlenecks more often than any other trend. Whether worn as a sleeveless jumper, a statement piece or a classic black top she always looked amazing in this hard to pull off look that we all now love.

Could we BE wearing any more 90s clothes? Goal for 2018 - Be more Rachel Green.

Beth x

Friday, 2 February 2018

BooTea Fruity TeaTox

One thing I've always been guilty of is buying into the hype. Whether it be clothes, make up or in this case teas. I saw this was released a few months ago by bootea and had to give it ago.

Last year I gave the original teas a go and had great results felt less bloated and generally less crap about myself. The original  wasn't the greatest experience giving the taste of it, if you're into herby teas it might be right up your street! But for me not so much - my sister used to joke on saying it tasted like 'swap water' and unfortunately she wasn't completely wrong!

This summer berry edition actually tastes nice, it has a natural sweetness so you don't have to add honey to it and is great alternative to the normal detox herby flavour.
I've never been happy with my body, and before you say it I know these are a 'quick-fix' and the detox won't last forever but I wanted to see if it would make me feel any better.

If your new to the whole tea-detox world this is a great way to start and even if you are used to the original flavour these are a nice fruity change to the norm. I hope the people over at BooTea keep them around or have other fruity additions to come! In the box you get 14 day time teas and 7 night time teas to take every other day, the daytime as you can see below has a berry colour to it and tastes fruity, the nighttime tea tastes almost like an almond cake, 10 times better than the original teas.

After the 14 days I could definitely see the difference in my body and mindset. I feel much less bloated than before and a lot less crappy, would definitely recommend if you've had a poor few weeks and need a little pick me up!
If you fancy giving this flavour a try you can find it here (they also always have social media promo codes to get money off!)

Beth x
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