Friday, 25 August 2017

T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Peel Off Mask

Is there much better than a night in with a face mask and a glass of wine? I think not. Now these Carcoal/Peel Off Masks have been all the rage recently and I never got round to giving them a go until now.
I always think with skincare that the softer the product the better, I can't think of much worse than putting harsh products on my face. T-Zone's new Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Of Mask purifies the pores without causing unnecessary stress on the skin thanks to its moisturising properties. That being said, I probably wouldn't use it every day as it does give your pores a deep cleanse and it'd be unnecessary to use more than I'd say once a week.

After hearing too many horror stories about nightmare charcoal masks peeling off peoples skin I decided to stick to just using it over my nose for the first try so if it was a disaster I wasn't pulling at a sensitive part of my face, but this mask was absolutely fine and next time I use it I know I'll cover more of my face.
Apologies for the make-up less face but had to be done
I (touch wood) don't have the worst of skin so when I peeled the mask off after it dried (after 20/30 minutes) there wasn't a lot on the actual sheet. But wow the satisfaction when this peels off is unbelievable, it came off in one without leaving anything behind and my skin felt amazingly soft afterwards. You can pick this up for just £4.99 at Superdrug so I'd say it's worth the money even if it isn't used loads!


  1. I have a charcoal mask and I found the same: it doesn't really take much off but I guess my skin isn't too bad either. £4.99 is nothing so its definitely worth it x

    Claire |

    1. Completely agree, perfect product for a pamper night! x

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