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Reviews | The One Memory of Flora Banks - Emily Sarr

Summer is always the time where I'll get back into reading. During term time at university I never seem to get the spare time to read books that aren't related to my work but ever since I was a little girl I've always loved reading. It's definitely a method of escapism for me and it's perfect to switch off. Now, I've tried not to spoil too much of the story line in this short review but what's a review without a small tease?
This extraordinary story kept me engaged throughout the whole book, so much I finished within 4 days which is very quick for me. The beginning took me awhile to take off and fully understand the writing style because of it mimicking the characters thoughts which I found interesting to follow. Flora Banks is one of the most unique characters I've come across this year! I loved the writing style and how it reflected her memory loss by summing up previous chapters, I loved how you can never really trust what was going on, and I loved reading about Flora's adventure and about all her discoveries about the past, her family and mostly herself.

I'll be honest, before reading this book I wasn't fully clued up on amnesia and how much of an affect it can have on people's lives so it was a very interesting on that side of things. I do think however, the repetition could make it a strange read for most people as amnesia was shown so well in this book it can become almost a difficult read as it's going in constant circles. Although, part of me really liked this book for it's interesting representation of amnesia. I massively applaud it for writing so deep in an amnesiacs point of view.

I've always been one to LOVE a romantic storyline in a book however it does bother me slightly that the one memory she can cling on to is to do with a boy, of course it was but that's always going to be a love/hate relationship with me and books

I wasn't sure about this book at a first read of the description but I'm so so glad I gave it a chance. Refreshing, addicting and slightly overwhelming, The One Memory of Flora Banks is definitely a book I won't be forgetting any time soon! 


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