Monday, 28 August 2017


Now this isn't my usual lip product of choice, I've always been very much a matte nude type of girl - it's easier when out all day and you can't reaaaally go wrong with a nude lip. Buuuut I'm always looking to change up my make up and want to get on this trend!

The metallic lip trend keeps picking up speed, and today I'll be talking about the NYX Cosmic Metal liquid lipstick. I'm keeping it on the budget side of things. I mean, most people who want to try the metallic lip trend probably figure that this won't be a new classic, so budget is a safe bet. The NYX Cosmic Metals retail at £7 and come in quite a few shades, especially online. Most of them are pretty "out there" colours (there are purples, blues, greens and greys), but since that's not really my style, I stuck to the safe side of the colour wheel with nudes and pinks.
In my opinion, you'd be better off swatching these products in real life to get a true representation of their colour on your skin tone though, I've seen tons of images of these online where they look completely different! But I've added a swatch photo below so you can get an idea.

The formula of these are very thick but comfortable to wear, you can build these up to be very pigmented and are easy to apply with just one swipe. I've worn these both alone or what I prefer to do is to wear them on top of lipstick to add a little something to a boring lip. Unlike most liquid products these do not dry down but they remain tacky which may be a pro or a con depending on your preferences. I can see myself using especially the two nude-y ones the most over a lipstick to give it that something else for a night out, all in all I'm a fan of these and can imagine they'll make the perfect party lip.
Swatches from left to right: Retro Harmony, Crystalized Metal and Metropolitan Night

You can buy the NYX Cosmic Metals at Boots or NYX online where there's always more shades! Are you feeling the metallic lip trend?

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