Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Lush Blues

I've always been a huuuuuge fan of Lush. Last year I was obsessed and by obsessed I mean I had a restock every month of new lush goodies and their seasonal products were the highlight of Easter, Valentines Day etc etc.. I think I can confidently say I have tried out at least 70% of the shop and can always go in and pick something up. I adore the products, the company ethos and the friendly staff in LUSH, I can't speak highly enough of the company. I can already tell a lush splurge is going to be a regular thing so expect more of this.

'Whoosh' Shower Jelly - This is one of those products that look fun on the shelf as just a lump of jelly, you can use these so many times and they're a lot more fun than just your average shower jel. This is the perfect product to wake you up with the citrus-y scent. Talking to the guys from lush they said they jellies now have a new and improved formula that is much softer on your skin and smells even nicer than before!

Intergalatic Bath Bomb - This is the coolest bath bomb if you're looking for one perfect for that instagram boomerang and it smells unbelievable! It bursts with colours as soon as it's put in the bath and is one of my favourites in terms of the appearance of the product - that's even got popping candy to add an extra something special to it! It does remind me of an old favourite that lush discontinued of mine - Granny Takes a Dip so I'm allll for this new version.

Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar - This is the cutest looking bubble bar and it's not at all going to break the bank! They come in two colours this one and the pink version. However, the one struggle I have with bubble bars is that I have a hot and a cold tap, as in there's no in between so I'm either burning or freezing my hands when using a bubble bar under running water - hack use a siv so you don't have to damage your hands if you have the same problem. This is actually unfortunately leaving the shelves soon but I really reaaaaally hope they put something similar in it's place!

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb - This is on the cheaper end of lush's products at only £1.95 and is the perfect skin saviour! It doesn't go a long way in a deep bath but with the right amount of water it adds the perfect amount of moisture to your bath and smells amazing! It's a soft lavendar bath bomb that is the perfect product to relax into after a loooong day.

Rocket Science Bath Bomb - This is one of those products that you walk into LUSH and feel the need to pick up because it looks amazing. The shape, colours and little specs of glitter was enough for me to pick it up. Once in use it's even better looking making your bath waters a beautiful blue, pink and yellow and glides across the top of the water until used! This is also a new product at lush and hasn't been around very long so I can imagine it'll be a favourite of many.

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