Sunday, 1 October 2017

Community Radio Awards 2017

Radio is a passion of mine I didn't realise I had until starting university. I've been presenting Drivetime on Spark FM for about a year with my cousin, Ryan, we love what we do and the Community Radio Awards was a great way to celebrate it. We travelled down to Bristol on the 23rd September along with our good pals from Spark to attend the conference and awards.

And didn't we do well! Spark managed to pick up 6 awards including a bronze for 'Best Entertainment Show' for myself and Ryan and we couldn't have been happier!

You can catch a glimpse of the fun we get up to here:


Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Collection Edit | #Collection30

Collection is actually turning 30 this September which is a huge achievement for a brand and is still going incredibly strong. In celebration of this I thought I'd select a few of my all time favourites from the brand.

One of my favourite things about this brand in particular is how accessible it is, you can pick Collection up from places like boots and superdrug where 3 for 2 offers are a regular thing and even your local supermarkets in the UK. It's also a brand that's very bank friendly especially with being a poor student I'll always appreciate a good bargain or two.
The highlighter Gorgeous GLOW couldn't have been named any better, it's such a stunning colour mixed together or used individually as 5 different highlight products in 1. They're a stunning bronzey colour and could easily be used individually as a shimmer eyeshadow looks they're that pigmented. The eyebrow kit comes in two shades blonde and brunette, now I've got dark brown eyebrows and the blonde was more suited, but if you have black hair the brunette would be perfect. I'm not one to use tons of different products on my eyebrows so this little kit is perfect as it includes 3 shades, a slanted brush and a brow mascara to set it in place, easy!

The eyes uncovered nude palette reminds me of my favourite shades from the first naked palette it's got that perfect mix of matte and shimmer, light and dark colours that you could make an entire look out of. Last but absolutely not least is a cult favourite the Collection lasting perfection concealer in light. This is an absolute steal for the price and it's one I'll buy over and over again, I'm sure I've been through about 10 of these.

Also, if you live in either Liverpool or London pop along to their Collection bus this month to speak to their artists, get your hands on some seriously good prizes and learn all about their new products! Not something to be missed, you can find more info here - 

Monday, 28 August 2017


Now this isn't my usual lip product of choice, I've always been very much a matte nude type of girl - it's easier when out all day and you can't reaaaally go wrong with a nude lip. Buuuut I'm always looking to change up my make up and want to get on this trend!

The metallic lip trend keeps picking up speed, and today I'll be talking about the NYX Cosmic Metal liquid lipstick. I'm keeping it on the budget side of things. I mean, most people who want to try the metallic lip trend probably figure that this won't be a new classic, so budget is a safe bet. The NYX Cosmic Metals retail at £7 and come in quite a few shades, especially online. Most of them are pretty "out there" colours (there are purples, blues, greens and greys), but since that's not really my style, I stuck to the safe side of the colour wheel with nudes and pinks.
In my opinion, you'd be better off swatching these products in real life to get a true representation of their colour on your skin tone though, I've seen tons of images of these online where they look completely different! But I've added a swatch photo below so you can get an idea.

The formula of these are very thick but comfortable to wear, you can build these up to be very pigmented and are easy to apply with just one swipe. I've worn these both alone or what I prefer to do is to wear them on top of lipstick to add a little something to a boring lip. Unlike most liquid products these do not dry down but they remain tacky which may be a pro or a con depending on your preferences. I can see myself using especially the two nude-y ones the most over a lipstick to give it that something else for a night out, all in all I'm a fan of these and can imagine they'll make the perfect party lip.
Swatches from left to right: Retro Harmony, Crystalized Metal and Metropolitan Night

You can buy the NYX Cosmic Metals at Boots or NYX online where there's always more shades! Are you feeling the metallic lip trend?

Friday, 25 August 2017

T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Peel Off Mask

Is there much better than a night in with a face mask and a glass of wine? I think not. Now these Carcoal/Peel Off Masks have been all the rage recently and I never got round to giving them a go until now.
I always think with skincare that the softer the product the better, I can't think of much worse than putting harsh products on my face. T-Zone's new Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Of Mask purifies the pores without causing unnecessary stress on the skin thanks to its moisturising properties. That being said, I probably wouldn't use it every day as it does give your pores a deep cleanse and it'd be unnecessary to use more than I'd say once a week.

After hearing too many horror stories about nightmare charcoal masks peeling off peoples skin I decided to stick to just using it over my nose for the first try so if it was a disaster I wasn't pulling at a sensitive part of my face, but this mask was absolutely fine and next time I use it I know I'll cover more of my face.
Apologies for the make-up less face but had to be done
I (touch wood) don't have the worst of skin so when I peeled the mask off after it dried (after 20/30 minutes) there wasn't a lot on the actual sheet. But wow the satisfaction when this peels off is unbelievable, it came off in one without leaving anything behind and my skin felt amazingly soft afterwards. You can pick this up for just £4.99 at Superdrug so I'd say it's worth the money even if it isn't used loads!

Friday, 18 August 2017

Reviews | The One Memory of Flora Banks - Emily Sarr

Summer is always the time where I'll get back into reading. During term time at university I never seem to get the spare time to read books that aren't related to my work but ever since I was a little girl I've always loved reading. It's definitely a method of escapism for me and it's perfect to switch off. Now, I've tried not to spoil too much of the story line in this short review but what's a review without a small tease?
This extraordinary story kept me engaged throughout the whole book, so much I finished within 4 days which is very quick for me. The beginning took me awhile to take off and fully understand the writing style because of it mimicking the characters thoughts which I found interesting to follow. Flora Banks is one of the most unique characters I've come across this year! I loved the writing style and how it reflected her memory loss by summing up previous chapters, I loved how you can never really trust what was going on, and I loved reading about Flora's adventure and about all her discoveries about the past, her family and mostly herself.

I'll be honest, before reading this book I wasn't fully clued up on amnesia and how much of an affect it can have on people's lives so it was a very interesting on that side of things. I do think however, the repetition could make it a strange read for most people as amnesia was shown so well in this book it can become almost a difficult read as it's going in constant circles. Although, part of me really liked this book for it's interesting representation of amnesia. I massively applaud it for writing so deep in an amnesiacs point of view.

I've always been one to LOVE a romantic storyline in a book however it does bother me slightly that the one memory she can cling on to is to do with a boy, of course it was but that's always going to be a love/hate relationship with me and books

I wasn't sure about this book at a first read of the description but I'm so so glad I gave it a chance. Refreshing, addicting and slightly overwhelming, The One Memory of Flora Banks is definitely a book I won't be forgetting any time soon! 


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Lush Blues

I've always been a huuuuuge fan of Lush. Last year I was obsessed and by obsessed I mean I had a restock every month of new lush goodies and their seasonal products were the highlight of Easter, Valentines Day etc etc.. I think I can confidently say I have tried out at least 70% of the shop and can always go in and pick something up. I adore the products, the company ethos and the friendly staff in LUSH, I can't speak highly enough of the company. I can already tell a lush splurge is going to be a regular thing so expect more of this.

'Whoosh' Shower Jelly - This is one of those products that look fun on the shelf as just a lump of jelly, you can use these so many times and they're a lot more fun than just your average shower jel. This is the perfect product to wake you up with the citrus-y scent. Talking to the guys from lush they said they jellies now have a new and improved formula that is much softer on your skin and smells even nicer than before!

Intergalatic Bath Bomb - This is the coolest bath bomb if you're looking for one perfect for that instagram boomerang and it smells unbelievable! It bursts with colours as soon as it's put in the bath and is one of my favourites in terms of the appearance of the product - that's even got popping candy to add an extra something special to it! It does remind me of an old favourite that lush discontinued of mine - Granny Takes a Dip so I'm allll for this new version.

Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar - This is the cutest looking bubble bar and it's not at all going to break the bank! They come in two colours this one and the pink version. However, the one struggle I have with bubble bars is that I have a hot and a cold tap, as in there's no in between so I'm either burning or freezing my hands when using a bubble bar under running water - hack use a siv so you don't have to damage your hands if you have the same problem. This is actually unfortunately leaving the shelves soon but I really reaaaaally hope they put something similar in it's place!

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb - This is on the cheaper end of lush's products at only £1.95 and is the perfect skin saviour! It doesn't go a long way in a deep bath but with the right amount of water it adds the perfect amount of moisture to your bath and smells amazing! It's a soft lavendar bath bomb that is the perfect product to relax into after a loooong day.

Rocket Science Bath Bomb - This is one of those products that you walk into LUSH and feel the need to pick up because it looks amazing. The shape, colours and little specs of glitter was enough for me to pick it up. Once in use it's even better looking making your bath waters a beautiful blue, pink and yellow and glides across the top of the water until used! This is also a new product at lush and hasn't been around very long so I can imagine it'll be a favourite of many.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

British Summer Time

Summer time is full of holiday envy, Instagram is full of beaches, cocktails and beautiful views. When I think of a holiday I instantly think of going on a place and being abroad, but why not start at home? With this in mind I've put together my top places to visit in Britain this summer!

1. Brighton

Photo Credit: Beverly Goodwin 

Brighton is always somewhere I've wanted to visit, I don't know whether it's the look of the beach huts down the sea front, the lanes or the infamous pier but it seems to me like the perfect destination for a sunny day. You'll never get bored on a trip to Brighton as there's always something unexpected to enjoy - roam free and keep your eyes peeled! I
t's just a shame it's a 5 hour train from the North East.

2. Edinburgh 

I visited Edinburgh for the first time this year and fell in love with the place. Every street you turn there's something to do and see with tons of hidden gems. The amount of places to eat and bars around the city centre makes it the ideal place for a short break. Not forgetting the Zoo is the only place in Britain to see Giant Pandas in real life which is something on my bucket list. Even the snapchat filters around the place were on point. 

3. The Lakes

The Lake District is the perfect place to visit when you just need to switch off - not forgetting the scenery is truly astounding all year round. There's really something to do for everyone even if you're not a big fan of walks. The Lake District is home of plenty of things to do whether you just want to visit the pub, rent a boat to cruise Lake Windermere or visit Beautrix Potter's House there's plenty to do for the perfect picturesque get away.

4. York

York is a stunning place which few cities can rival for it's history and character. There's not many places as unique as York, it has a real core of independent shops which makes it a really interesting place to explore. I could spend all day walking round the shambles and sitting in the Museum Gardens on a hot day is a dream. It may be a small city but it's a great place to visit close to home and somewhere I'll continue to go for a day out. 

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